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Choose from humour, ideas and brain-teasers. Short articles by Dieter Fischer, retired Driving Instructor. In between the jovial you might find some helpful hints! 

Mostly Humour

Our best jokes



How to submit an idea!

Experience, the great turn-off

How many lessons?

The wedding test

Instructor categories!

The sweetest job of all

A retired instructor's tales

I am right - you're all wrong

Two U-Turn calamities

Sign confusion

Ideas and Ideals

Is learning to drive Education?

Give-Way Signs

Colour-code speed limits

  When experts meet

  Dob-in a law breaker

  Speeding Learner

  Speeding Learner (sequel)

Oh to be a better instructor?

A light idea

What is a ball bank?

Ball Bank (sequel)

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