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Stories and anecdotes from real life experience on the road. Valuable lessons, mistakes to avoid, to be a safer driver.


(All articles by Driving Instructor (ret.) Dieter Fischer) 



Don't speak too soon - Good words - bad timing!


Don't place it there - Where never to put anything.


Keep your momentum - Simple physics, the fun way.


Traffic-light chaos - Everything must be taught!


Road rage justice - Anger's own goal. 


One hand - five fingers - Humorous look at out hand.


Two little sparrow stories - The majority is not always right.


I believe in frogs - There just might be a prince, somewhere?


Mistake in my road safety book - What Give Way really means.


Laws and flaws - Some laws are just too impractical to keep!


How learners behave - What instructors can expect from pupils.



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About the author:

Dieter Fischer, German born, resident of Adelaide, South Australia, taught thousands of people to drive during his almost 30-year career. He was a pioneer in online road safety with his first website driving-school.com.au, now part of Trafficsafe.com.au. More on www.dieterfischer.com

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